Invoice discounting and factoring can be applied and implemented in various industries across the country as long as the products and services have been delivered or rendered. We specialise in the following 4 industries but at now means exclude clients that operate in any other industries:

Transport & Logistics

Clients in the transport industry are constantly under cash flow pressure to keep their trucks running with diesel and to attend to unforeseen breakdowns. Should a transporters business be growing in the amount of work being done or perhaps the expansion of its own fleet that also puts a strain on the cash flow of the business. Clients can use invoice discounting to generate cash flow on a weekly basis for fuel and to cover the financial costs involved in buying additional trucks to expand their fleet.


The retail industry is extremely competitive, and clients are pushed by big retailers from every angle, especially on payment terms. Clients are desperate to land those big orders from retailers but can’t always cope with the extended payment terms. When those big orders from the Blue-Chip retailers do come through you want to be able to fulfill them as soon as possible and show them that you can deliver. Clients can use invoice discounting to free up cash flow to fulfill these bigger orders and grow their footprint within the retail industry.


Over the last couple of years, there has been a major investment in fiber infrastructure in our country. This also led to the start of many new small businesses needing to be established and playing their part in the national rollout of this new technology. Invoice discounting has played an integral role in assisting these new businesses with cash flow and funding where the banks were not able nor willing to provide assistance as these entities were still too young according to their criteria. Invoice discounting enabled these clients to pay weekly wages for a labor-intensive workforce and to keep the rollout rolling.


Clients in manufacturing are always stuck in negotiations between suppliers and debtors whereby their debtors want to extend their payment terms and whereby the suppliers want to receive their funds earlier. On top of that, the clients require working capital to buy more material to fulfill their orders from debtors, especially when those orders are getting bigger. Clients can utilize invoice discounting to free up cash flow to negotiate settlement discounts with suppliers and to purchase more materials to manufacture more goods.

We can provide a specialised solution that specifically speaks to your business needs.