Asset Finance

Asset-based finance is a specific method of providing companies with term loans and therefore working capital by using collateral such as inventory, machinery, equipment, property and accounts receivables to name a few. The terms of each asset-based finance loan will differ from client to client as there are numerous ways to structure such a loan. The interest rates that are charged on asset-based finance loans are more affordable than invoice discounting and factoring as they run over a longer time frame such as 12 – 36 months periods. To qualify for an asset-based finance loan your company should be at least 3 years old and generate a turnover of minimum R24 million per annum.

Asset based finance can be structured in various financial product offerings like Operating Lease, Instalment Sale and Sale and Leaseback products. We focus on finance offerings in the following industries:




Medical Equipment

Solar Equipment

Transport and Aviation

We can provide a specialised solution that specifically speaks to your business needs.